E.Max Ceramic Restorations

E.Max All-Ceramic Crowns, Veneers and Bridges

What is E.Max and what can ceramic restorations can be used for?

porcealin restE.Max ceramic is one of the latest innovations in the field of esthetic dentistry. The full name for this cosmetic dental restoration is IPS E.Max System, E.Max as the shorter brand name. The manufacturer is called Ivoclar Vivadent and the company claims that this new dental restoration is able to cover all esthetic and functional dental restoration needs, ranging from contact lens thin porcelain veneers up to 10-12 unit esthetic, full ceramic bridgwork. E.Max demonstrates extremely high esthetics as well as durability and strengths, without any allergy causing metal components.

E.Max restorations are suitable for single tooth crowns both in the anterior (front) and the posterior (back) region, with the best esthetic results. Dentists, dental technicians as well as patients rave about the new, groundbreaking technology that E.Max represents. They say, there’s nothing short about this esthetic restoration system: the material, that’s durable, long lasting, yet very life-like, the final outcome of veneers, crowns and bridges, the shades E.Max is available in, all speak for themselves.

emax2If you are interested in having E.Max restorations done that are vital and natural looking (in most cases you won’t even be able to tell which one is E.Max and which one is the original toothJ), please contact us at Dental Expert Hungary, so we can help you achieve that fantastic, natural looking and healthy smile you always dreamt of.