Teeth Whitening

4159721353_4009792a92_zChair-side (in-office) teeth whitening 

At Dental Expert Hungary, we use one of the latest innovations in chair-side teeth whitening. The Australian teeth whitening system that we use and recommend in our offices, utilizes the latest, state-of-the-art technology that ensures a safe, painless and effective whitening experience. It is possible to match shades to each other, whiten and re-whiten individual teeth one by one, until the desired shade of white is achieved. For more information, please inquire here.

Dentist-supervised home whitening

(At-home teeth whitening systems with a custom-made whitening tray)

If you choose this whitening method to get your teeth whiter, you will need two visits to the dentist. First an impression is taken and the mold is sent to a dental lab, where your custom made teeth whitening tray will be made. After a couple of days, once you’ve had your whitening tray made by our technician, our cosmetic dentist will instruct you how to perform the whitening treatment in your own home. This home teeth whitening option is less expensive than chair-side whitening and is designed for  those who are unable to make repeated visits to the dentist. It takes only 2 appointments to get your custom made teeth whitening trays made by a technician and after it’s properly fitted and you are taught how to use it at home, you can perform the whitening procedure at your convenience. We will provide you with the adequate amount of professional and safe whitening gel and you are always welcome to buy more at our office. Please avoid whitening gels that are sold from dubious sources over the internet, these can be potentially dangerous to your health. Always buy your refill whitening gel from a licenced dental professional to ensure a safe and effective teeth whitening process.

Is teeth whitening painful?

Many people who undergo teeth whitening treatment find that their teeth will become sensitive for the next couple of days following the whitening treatment. This is totally normal and usually subsides within a couple of days. If the discomfort is bothering you, it is advisable to avoid hot, cold, sweet and spicy foods and drinks following your teeth whitening procedure, for up to a week after the treatment is finished. You can switch your normal toothpaste to one that is recommended for sensitive teeth, there are now several brands available in stores. It is also a good idea to skip colored foods and drinks like coffee, coke, red berries, black tea, chocolate, etc. for the same period of time, to avoid re-discoloration of the teeth. Please also note that the teeth whinting treatment cannot be performed on teeth that have cavities, so good oral hyginie and healthy teeth and gums are a must for this cosmetic procedure.